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How quick the testicle cancer can spread to others parts

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I found a small lump on my left side of testicle ( at the mid of the testicle medially). Now the size is one third in the size of soy bean. Actually, I palpated and found it 5 years ago with the very small sharp in size (5 times smaller than the present size). I have no pain, swelling and any abnormality with my testicle and other part of the body. I would be so pleased if you could kindly answer the following:
1) How long it takes to spread to other part of the body or limp?
2) Can it be malignancy as it is already 5 years old?
3) What is that possibly be?
4) How fast the testicle malignancy can spread to other part of the body,years or months?
5) Is it possibility of benign with my case?

Thank you so much.
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replied March 12th, 2015
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I can't believe no one answered this time important question yet.

The only way to know is to go get it checked by a Dr. and find out what it is. Since you have already waited 5 years and hoped it would go away and it has gotten 5 times larger instead of going away, its time to go see the Dr. as soon as possible.

Different cancers can act different and in different people, so there is no one answer on how long it might take to spread if it is cancerous or what kind of cancer or other lump it might be without a Dr.'s expertise.

Even if it has spread in the past 5 years there are treatments to try to kill cancers that have spread into other parts of the body.

The best thing to do is to not wait any longer and go to the Dr. and find out for sure. You don't want to take any more time or risks to find the answers. Good Luck.
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