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how many days prior and after ovulation day should i avoid?

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my bf and i are both 21 and virgins.. it looks like its going to happen this friday 30 lol im paranoid about not getting pregnant we agreed that we wont on my most fertile days. i used 2 different free ovulation calendars online and they gave me almost exactly what i got when i counted the days myself..i counted monday being day 14 ovulation day, since i got my period (flow) march website says tuesday 27 is ovulation day, and wednesday is low fertility and thursday on are not likely days to conceive (i know any is possible) then another website says monday 16 is ovulation (what i counted)..which is correct? even if its tuesday some people before have said avoid 4 days after, which would be wed/thurs/friday/sat? but i have also heard 2 days after is even if i ovulated tuesday then no sex wed/thurs and friday should i be fine?

......i basically just want to be extra cautious and avoid most fertile days so basically would that be 2 or 4 days after tuesday (what would be ovulation day) or what?? lol any help on this plz and thank you ps i am exactly on a 28 day cycle so i think the calanders are very accurate for me.

2) since we are both virgins i was wondering if its possible for him to have hpv and pass it to me? should i be worried? i have never gotten the hpv vaccine and didnt plan on getting it. but can he have it even though i know hes done no more then kiss another girl before me.. please dont take this wrong but his dad left his mom when he was a baby and always tried to say my bf wasnt his baby..anyways his dad got with other women and what i got from my bf is his father was kind of a player..that being said i heard some can get hpv and stuff similar from their parents..since his dad doesnt have a great background im worried his dad could have passed something to him and my bf doesnt know. he cant get tested since hes a virgin and i cant get a pap since im not sexually active yet (i live in canada)
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