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how long will i be out of work after surgery?

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Hi my name is Crystal, I just found out that i needed to have the carpal realease surgery. im only 24 and the nuro was suprised that i have carpal tunnel so early. Um i also have a ganglia cyst on the same hand and its my right dominant hand. getting th cyst removed will it take me longeer to recoop? I was wonder about how long will i be out of work after surgery.
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replied March 29th, 2011
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Hi CrystalRose325 and welcome to ehealth....Each person heals in a different way...With the cyst it probably will add to the time for recovery...I would ask my Orthopedist what his/her timetable is for this surgery...Good luck...

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replied November 29th, 2013
Post carpel tunnel surgery
Hi my name is Suz and I just had carpel tunnel surgery on 11/21 with a removal of a ganglia cyst on the upper right foot, I see my doctor for a follow up exam on 12/4. I am in the health care field doing hands on work (I.e. bathing, cooking and cleaning). I'd like to know about how long recovery time before I can start using my hand to perform my work duties?
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