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How long to wait before deciding not the right birth control?

I started taking birth control pills (Elinest) in July of last year. On the plus side, I used to have really bad cramps, and those went away. But on the down side, when I first started taking the pills, a few days after my period ended, I started having break through bleeding. It was like a second period, lasted for almost a week. Eventually, it got lighter, then it started coming later, to where I wasn't having 2, but my period was 10-11 days (starting 3-4 days before the placebo pills), which was also frustrating. So I talked with my doctor, and she switched me to Previfem 2 months ago. I am still starting to bleed 4-5 days before I start the placebo pills, and have really bad cramps again. How long should it take to have a regular period? I hate to jump the gun and keep switching, but it's very frustrating.
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replied May 17th, 2017
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I understand that has to be hard. Maybe neither one of those are the one you will like best. I don't know a lot about BC but I know there's a pretty big variety of options you can try. It's honestly hard to say as sometimes the side effects get better with time and sometimes they don't. I understand that has to be frustrating though but just keep tabs with your doctor and what can sometimes help is keeping a log of "side effects" that you might be experiencing. Just keep it between you and your doc and someplace where you can write in it like before bed or something and see if that helps you decide. Keep staying strong and eventually I'm sure you will find something that you like. Worst comes to worst you might have to switch doctors or even try more pills but just be patient and do your best with it. I hope this helped you Smile
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