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How long should I take things easy after surgery?

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I had a full abodominal hysterectomy 10 days ago. I was home after 4 days and fairly free of pain and gas. I felt so well I did some housework, and although lifted nothing actually heavy did move things around etc.
I then suddenly found myself extremely tired with a niggling pain in my right side where the ovary was (I only had one) and I now have back ache too. Is this because I did too much too soon?
My husband is a keen boat person and seems to think that I should be thinking about going out on the boat in a couple of weeks time. I am now concerned that this will cause me problems as it always involves ropes etc.,
Trouble is, most of the time I look well and do not want anyone to think I am using this as an excuse for being lazy.
Realistically, how much time should I give myself before I take up all my usual activities.
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replied April 4th, 2012
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Hi josigirl and welcome to ehealth: The doctors say 6 weeks and I second the motion....It takes time for your insides to heal...Please take it easy...Take care...

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replied April 14th, 2012
Hi Josigirl..I had the same surgery 3/23/12 and I'm in the same situation. My doctor said that in week 3, I should try driving short distances to START to get back into my normal routine but I was exhausted after about an hour after returned home. I'm a very active person and it appears that normal activities for me are draining. I'm also experiencing pain when I urinate. I was checked for a UT and I don't have that, I was wondering if anyone that is reading this has experienced this and if it is normal. Good luck with your recovery!!
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replied April 23rd, 2012
Hi Robean,

I juSt had the surgery 4/13/12, it was cosidered a partial hysterectomy, although my cervix and uterus were both removed,and yes I had the problem of painful urination. My doctor said that it was part of the healing process and to make sure I drank plenty of fluids. I am searching on advice as to how long this process takes to heal. I am on day 10 and am I still experiencing pain on both sides of my ovaries. I thought I felt well and did maybe too much, but now I am in a lot of pain. I am trying not to take any of my pain meds, but I do not know if that is smart. Please give me some advice.


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replied July 9th, 2012
yes, i too have pain when i pee...the dr told me it was because my tumor was so large, it was pressing on my bladder, and when they removed my uterus, they had to peel it off of my bladder...he said the pain was normal and that it would get better, and it has...
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replied April 17th, 2012
doing to much
I had my surgery on 3/22/12 I too have pain urinating i was also tested for ut and was neg. I was told that from moving it around and inflammation can cause the pain. i started driving 10 days after and found my stomach hurt more than anything and i tier easily still i just rest when i can I found that showering and getting dressed tires me the fastest LOL. Everyone tells me to take it easy but not easy to do when i have a household to run and not much support at home. I have refused to make the beds and vaccume and i don't lift anything over a gal of milk Good luck in your Recovery
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