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How long is normal to be having cramps after losing virginity?

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im 21 and only lost my virginity a week ago. i have been having cramps since, they are almost like period pains but not as bad. my breasts are also very sore. The comdom broke. how long is it normal to be cramping after having sex for the first time?
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replied December 29th, 2011
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It is not normal to cramp after first time sex. It is normal to have some pain, not cramps. He might have bumped into your cervix and bruised it. It may create pain when you move and the bruised cervix touch the sides of your vagina.

It is also not likely to be a pregnancy sign, as it is much too early for pregnancy signs. Is it possible that is can be your period starting? Your sore boobs may be another sign of that. Although there is no research about it, women often indicate that their cycles changed after first time sex.

I hope you took an emergency contraceptive like Ella or Plan B. They are meant for situations just like this, and you are old enough to buy it over the counter in most countries.

My suggestion will be to take a pregnancy test 21 and 28 days after the sex if you do not get your period by then.

Also go over the condom drill again to make sure it does not happen again:

* The condom must be within the expiry date and must have been kept in a cool place
* Condoms should not be kept in a wallet
* It must fit - not too small, not too big
* Be careful opening the pack
* Roll on right side and carefully
* Take your time
* Leave the tip open to leave space for his semen when he ejaculates
* Make sure there is enough lubrication
* Use condom safe lubricants (water or silicone based)
* When he feels the condom tightening over his penis head, it is about to tear
* Hold the condom tight around the penis base when pulling out (to prevent it from slipping off)
* Inspect the condom for damage after taking it off
* Dispose of in a tissue/toilet paper in a dust bin/garbage can
* Keep a dose of emergency contraceptives handy when relying only on condoms

Take care!
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