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How long does the post gallbladder attack pain last?

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How long does the post gallbladder attack pain last and what does it feel like?
I had another attack Monday that landed me in hospital with 5 hours of entonox gas and air. The pain passed after about 8 hours but I still have a very sore area near gallbladder and a burning sensation,
Surgery scheduled for May is this usual?
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replied March 29th, 2012
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You can feel sore for days afterwards. Not like gallstone pain but more like the bruising after you've been kicked in the stomach. The gallbladder and liver in particular can get inflamed and take time to recover.

Surprised they kept giving you Entenox if they knew what was wrong with you. It is virtually useless against gallstone pain. Just makes me throw up. Maybe it makes some people so happy they can ignore the pain Smile
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