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How long does it take to heal from a thrombosed Hemorrhoid?

Hello, I recently had a problem with an external hemorrhoid. Last Monday evening I started having some discomfort, and I figured it was a problem with an external hemorrhoid because I had an issue once before 3 years before. That first time the problem went away with only a couple days of Preparation H use. So this time I followed the same regimen I did for the last. Late Thursday night I had a lot of sudden blood discharge and a large clot came out. I did not realize it, but now I know it was thrombosed. Almost immediately the swelling started going down and I have been feeling pretty good down there, in fact really back to normal. The issue is that as a precaution I have been using gauze padding to protect the wound Each day the blood amount is getting less and less, though when I have a bowel movement there is still some blood coming out (I know the water of the toilet make it look more than it is, so I can't say for sure HOW much.) But that blood aside, when I have cleaned up properly using baby wipes and gentle cleaning I place a new gauze pad in and the amount of blood it sops up is minimal (after several hours the pad, when removed, currently shows only a small grape sized blot of blood.) How long should I expect for the wound to heal and/or keep showing blood?
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