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How long does it take nuvaring to get out of your system?

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I was on nuvaring for about 3 weeks, before I realized it was making me bat sh*t crazy. I wish I were kidding. I was depressed at work and school and down right violent with my boyfriend (ex boyfriend….I really don’t know what we are right now). Anyways I stopped it after 3 weeks. It’s been probably one full month now and I don’t think it is out of my system. I thought I was back to my normal happy go lucky self. When I was PMSing last week I went crazy on my boyfriend and we wound up breaking up. I mean… I went CRAZY. I started losing weight because I stopped eating, which was a side effect when I was on the nuvaring and my period is now three weeks apart instead of four. I'd like to mention that the weight thing was before the breakup, not after it. Am I just going to be stuck like this or will this clear out of my system?
I’m really getting tired of being crazy….
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replied November 1st, 2012
I would like to know as well. Not the nuva ring but another form of birth control I was using (ortho trycylcin). Its making me crazy too, anxiety, panic attacks, feeling like I'm was going to throw up and die. It's just not all worth it!! I'm even afraid to drive.
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