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How long can I take oral antibiotice for cystic acne

Acne and antibiotic use- How long ?
I have been using minocycline 100 mg 1X /day with topical tretinoin for cystic acne, I am 47 years old, was recently diagnosed with endometritis and stopped antibiotic for acne to use other prescribed antibiotics. Per Dr info I probally had a hard time fighting off infections, possibly including my acne because of the chronic infection. How long is too long to be on an antibiotic like minocycline and should I go back on it.
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replied May 9th, 2012

I don't think you can use antibiotics too long.
You will develop yeast/fungal infections on your skin.
That can look also like acne.
The fungi and good bacteria both live normally on your skin but use of antibiotics will elminate the good bacteria so the yeast will grow and grow and gives you problems. You will have to add good bacteria/probiotics to your body. Orally but also put it on your skin where the acne is. You can make a paste by opening a capsule or crush a caplet and add a few drops of water or rub it on dry. When it is yeast/fungi it will clear up in 2 days. You have to apply it every day.

Try it, please!

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