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How long after taking fluconazole, will my symptoms go away?

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Since the end of May, I have had pain during sex. Last week I finally went to the doctor and on friday they called me with my test results. I have a yeast infection, so my doctor prescribed me one dose of fluconazole. I took the pill on Friday and on Sunday I tried having sex but it still hurt. How long does it take for the yeast infection to fully clear up? i am guessing it was pretty bad since I've had this pain since the end of May. The only sign of my yeast infection was pain during sex, no discharge or anything else just pain during sex.
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replied August 11th, 2011
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a single pill may not be enough
try this; buy some extra virgin coconut oil found in the pharmacy area, u can eat it and it tastes good but u want to use it for a sex lube and BTW if u have yeast your partner is likely to give it back to u after u get cured so he should be treated also.
yeast does not bother men as much

good luck
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