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How is Stress a Factor in MS?

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How much of an issue is Stress in relapse remit MS? Do symptoms increase or decrease due to stress?
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replied November 12th, 2011
Hello Smile Luv

Yes to your comment Stress is certainly a big trigger.
As someone who has had MS for 20 years, I can recall the last 10 flare ups... the pinpoint moment they occoured:

1-At work, my boss said an innocent remark that the numbers in the report were not right... and I started to feel a headache... which eventuated in a flare up

2-Emotional situation, which started off with one sentance... led to flare up

3-After watching a violent film ... During the night.. had a a flare up.

I believe it is a whole lot of factors now that cause flare ups:

- Stress
- Environment
- Foods, causing digestive issues
- existing medical conditions that contribute
- fate that you have MS
- Long working hours

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