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How I got rid of the symptoms

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I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia last february but the symptoms began on October 2007.
I've been researching a lot since then about it and the natural treatments (without medication). I understand that the way I manage my fibromyalgia may surprise some peoples here, but let me tell you what I'm doing.

I've been reaading about raw food since 2006.
I never really tried until january this year. I tried 3 weeks, and the mircale happened, I got rid of the symptoms. No more widespread muscle pain and my energy was coming back somehow. I was really impressed. Since food is an addiction, I felt off the wagon and came back to the old habits. Mistake.
On march 30, 2008, I asked God to die because the pain were unbearable! I was at the hospital (I spitted blood and since I got a pulmonary embolism because of bus acccident, I suffer from PTSD) and crying badly, wishing I could die that day. And then, the miracle really happened.

I knew what was my options. Since that day, I eat raw food and then 80/10/10 raw began lifestyle and I didn't have any more symptoms. Moreover, my energy level... !!! WOW!!! Incredible!
I went from 15 hours sleep per day to 6 to 7 and I exercise every day (stationary bike and outdoor bike with weight training).
My life is just getting better!

I don't use medication anymore since the day I came back from hospital.
Since I don't sell anything, I hope you will believe me!
This information is a life saver.

Love you all!

P.S" If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or email me.
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replied June 23rd, 2008
i posted a very insightful and amazingly helpful message as to how to not only help fibro sufferers but actually possibly cure it, however because my post contained a link the admin removed it. wish i could help
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replied July 15th, 2008
raw food?not raw meat,right?
for vanilla74,karine.what raw foods are you referring to?
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