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How I cured my allergies/asthma. Try and share!

Background story (feel free to skip)
Two years ago I was diagnosed with asthma. It was a full-blown full-time disease. I had at least two asthma attacks a day and was completely dependant on my turbuhalers (mostly the recovery one!). I had just "rolled" with it for a long time, trying to make life as less miserable as possible.

Eventually I discovered a link between allergies and asthma. I had visited an allergiest who put me through the regular testing. I reacted to every single "agent". This was incredibly bizarre because I had never suffered from any allergies in the past. Naturally, I was now hooked on antihistamines (which cost a LOT of $), which significantly reduced the number of asthma attacks but never quite cured it. I was still using my inhalers in conjunction to the antihistamines, but it was much better than only using the inhalers. Still, I felt like depending on inhalers and drugs just to live a normal life probably isn't healthy long-term and there had to be a better way...

Pushing further, I got interested in the relationship between allergies and asthma. After trying out some natural proposed cures (nasal irrigation, local honey, vitamin D), I discovered the antihistaminic properties of vitamin C. I had read that vitamin C is nature's antihistamine. My previous readings in the past have always said vitamin C deficiency is extremely rare, so I was never worried about it. Little did I know that the RDA is simply a baseline to prevent scurvy! It does NOT represent our body's true need for vitamin C. This vitamin is a lot more useful than what your regular food guides would tell you, and a lot of research has been done on it by the two-time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling.

I've been chewing down these 500mg vitamin C supplements like candy over the last ~3-4 months. I haven't taken any antihistamines nor touched my inhalers since. I've been completely free of any asthma symptoms and my quality of life has skyrocketed. I generally eat up to 5,000 mg of vitamin C/day. For those of you worried about "overdosing" on vitamin C, know that any excess vitamin C is flushed down in your urine anyways. I also believe Linus Pauling used to prescribe much larger doses of vitamin C through IV for patients going through chemotherapy.

I am very confident vitamin C is what cured my symptoms. I've been eating a very Ron Swanson-esque diet (meat pretty much every meal, very little fruits/vegetables) for the last few years. I had also quit any sort of juice (I used to chug down orange juice all day. I stopped because of the ridiculously high sugar content, but it *did* at least have vitamin C). My dependence of antihistamines and inhalers *almost* disappeared overnight in relative terms. I can't remember exactly when the vitamin C truly kicked in, but it was within a few days/a week before I realized I didn't need my antihistamines anymore, taking ~3000-5000 mg of vitamin C/day. Fortunately, vitamin C is very cheap and this could mean big savings for those of you who regularly dish out a lot of $ on antihistamines/inhalers.

I hope my story can help anyone living through the nightmare of chronic allergies/asthma like I did and break free from the pharmaceuticals that only treat the symptoms and never the root cause. For me, the root cause was definitely a vitamin C deficiency. I will be posting this everywhere in hopes to raise awareness. If anyone else has similar success stories related to vitamin C treating their allergies/asthma, please post them here or send me an e-mail to build growing evidence on the effectiveness of this vitamin. I truly hope some day we can quit our dependence on drugs that are killing us and revert back to more natural, holistic approach to medicine.

Thank you for reading and please try it and share your experience!
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replied June 1st, 2013
Thanks for this! i've recently realized that asthma is caused by allergies. Suprisingly they never really tell you this. I've cut back on sugar and preservatives and notice my asthma is improved already. I wonder what else will help.. I will try your suggestions! I'm tired of being on this medicine that is likely going to give me problems in the long term.
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