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How easy is it to damage a hip?

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First of all hi and thanks in advance for any advice.

This is probably the wrong section, since I'm pretty certain nothing's broken, but I couldn't find a truly suitable one for my query.

Three weeks ago I fell and banged my hip and have suffered pain in that area ever since. It never bruised, and never affected my walking or anything, but if I lay on my side, so the hip bone is taking my weight at all it hurts pretty sharply. The uncomfortable feeling and pain sometimes spreads into my left buttock too. (I had a slipped disc and sciatica up until surgery a few years ago, but that pain was on the right side).

I'm male, 33. I'll go get it checked out if it persists but I wanted to check here first in case symptoms point to nothing other than internal bruising or something minor.
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replied May 31st, 2012
So the pain has persisted until now, although it's more uncomfortable than painful - almost feels like the bone is itching.

My GP said it's nothing to worry about, but it's definitely not normal, right? I can feel it all the time.
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