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how do i know if someone is recovered from BPD


i like to know what is the doctors defination or view of when a person is recovered from this bipolar depression as i have a few friends who has this and sometimes i feel that their erraticness is due to BPD but yet i cant be sure

can doctors here come out with a guide on how to determine if a person is recovered from bipolar if there is no clear signs cos i really care for my frens and dont wish for them to suffer the stigma of being labelled bpd forever if they suffered it in the past and to help them work towards total recovery

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replied November 30th, 2011
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There isn't a cure for bipolar disorder. It can be controlled with meds and therapy, it differs from individual to individual, it is hereditary and typically gets worse with age. There is no such thing as a total recovery. Bipolar people often have to have their meds adjusted. I have a bipolar cousin that does quite well and a bipolar ex that is loopdee-loop crazy. Some people take accountability while others don't. My cousin is female, ex is male. I think males have a tougher time because they don't know how to handle it and their tumultous ego gets in the way.

If your friends are acting out, just give them space. Good luck!
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replied December 5th, 2011
Bipolar is not like pneumonia that you treat with antibiotics and then you're cured. If someone truly has bipolar disorder - it is not something they have - it is who they are. There is no cure. It is a lifelong, incurable disease - fatal in 20% of the people who have it.

It can be treated, symptoms can be masked and controlled, but there is no cure.
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