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How do I know if Gluten Intolerance is causing my pain?

A year ago I was having terrible bloating, gas, my feet were throbbing and burning, I had difficulty with bowel movements at times and awful smelling bowel movements. I also experienced a number of nights where my entire body felt inflammed and hurt all over! As a result, I did not sleep those nights. After a CT Scan that said things were normal, I was sent to a Gastroentrologist. He told me after a Colonscopy and Endoscopy they found signs of Celiac Sprue, he instructed me to go a Gluten-Free diet because but they could not see that definitely I had Celiac's disease. I went on the Gluten Free diet and lost 30-lbs. in a short 10-week span. However, I feel part of the weight loss was due to my greatly reducing my intake of soda pop. I had been drinking 32-40ozs. daily of a 3/4-diet, 1/4-regular soda combo. I also think the stress of worrying that the Celiac was going to lead to cancer also led to my weigth loss from stress. Eventhough I lost the weight, I went back to the Doctor because I was still experiencing sharp burning pain(s) in the middle of my back, between my shoulder blades, more on the left side under the shoulder blade and I still had diarrehha and frequent awful smelling gas and bm's. In May 2010, the Gastro doc had me take an extensive gene test and he said the results were that I did not have Celiac and that I could resume eating normally. Well, almost a year later...sadly I have gained about 25lbs. back, I am drinking about 24ozs. of the diet/regular pop combo again. In addition, I get the severe pain in my back and burning throbbing in my feet, sometimes all day. I have not maintained the Gluten-Free diet but I have tried to stay away from processed food, breads, wheat prodcuts, etc. So, how do I figured out what's going on with me!? After the gene test in May, my dosctors began prescribing Omeprazole 20mg a day for what they felt was heartburn or GERD (Acid reflux). The final straw for me happened last Thursday (3/23/11), after a great Spring vacation with my family I was back at work a few days and a spaghetti luncheon. Within about 20-minutes after eating the meal, my stomach became a washing machine of pain and my hands, hips and feet became inflammed. The next evening, Friday, I had such pain in my back while coaching my son's indoor soccer team that I nearly passed out! I woke up for 2-3 days with tremendous joint and back pain. Now, I realize I am 44-years old and overweight but I was doing Great the week before. Please help!! GOD'S PEACE, Sleepless89
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replied April 12th, 2011
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replied July 14th, 2011
You can have gluten intolerance and reactions to it without it showing up on current medical tests. The medical science/testing just isn't sensitive enough or advanced yet. See the Celiac Research Center research at UMD by Alessio Fasano.

If you feel better without it in your diet then my suggestion is to do what makes you feel better. Dairy is also a common diet intolerance that goes along with gluten intolerance, so I would try taking both out of your diet.

I had the same issue, numerous auto-immune medical issues over 20 years and Drs. not thinking they are related. I had serious pain with my menstrual periods that required ER visits and prescription painkillers and that has been resolved on a glutenfree dairyfree diet. I have had the celiac blood tests, colonoscopy and they all were negative. I am now getting the gene test done. I did show up as positive for gluten intolerance on the EnteroLab stool test, but that test is not generally accepted by traditional medical Drs.

I feel so much better on the glutenfree, dairyfree diet that I recently completed my first sprint triathlon! This is quite amazing as I have 'non-specific inflammatory arthritis' in both knees! This condition has also been linked to gluten intolerance.

Good luck, it can be a tough road without a lot of medical support, but you live in your body and know what feels better. We really need to be our own patient advocate. Hang in there.
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