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How do I know I orgasmed during my first masturbation ?

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I am an 18-year-old virgin in a strict society that forbids girls to go out with guys ..I never had sex because ,according to society ,i should stay virgin till the wedding night..sounds medieval huh ?
Anyways ..I was watching a stimulating vidoe and started rubbing myself frantically ..It was the first time I do that ..
I felt something was building inside me slowly it felt like an explosion was about to take place ..i felt a constriction in my throat as if I am choking ..but the pleasure was powerful ..its like flying and being electrified by sth ..I rubbed more and felt I can't breath ..the air left my lungs and there was a burning sensation in my chest ..I thought I was having a heart attack extremely pleasurable one at that ..and I stopped immediately ..realizing that my chest was still hurting and burning and my heart was racing ..and down I was really swollen and wet and tingling ..and it was very difficult to stop myself from doing it again..the urge was powerful ..

Can u people tell me what is that I experienced ?
Was it a normal sexual pleasure or an orgasm ?

I was scared to do it again ..I felt guilty after that ..I felt it was wrong ..
Is it unhealthy to do it ?
I read once that it causes a girl to get less pleasure from a partner ..

..Please tell me I would be really grateful to you ..
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replied June 25th, 2012
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It sounds like you had an orgasm, or got very close to it.

There is nothing to feel guilty about. We keep masturbation private, but it is not something to be ashamed of. It is an excellent way for you to learn about your body and sexuality, and it is a very safe way to deal with your sexual urges. You cannot use your sexual pleasure up. Doing it by yourself does not affect your ability to do it with a partner. Once you get a partner, you will anyways find out that most women do not orgasm from just intercourse. It is just not that easy unless you are lucky.

Masturbating will actually teach you how your body and sexuality works, and it will help you to be better with your partner.

If keeping your hymen intact is important (and it sounds like it is), keep your fingers out of your vagina. Just keep on rubbing your clitoris.

The racing breathing, racing heart, warm 'explosion', sounds and shaking of your body and muscles are normal. Just remember to keep on breathing Smile. Sometimes we get so caught up that we hold our breath.

With all this said, you do not have to masturbate. You will be perfectly fine if you do not do it, just like you will be perfectly fine if you do masturbate. Most women do, some don't. The choice is your's to make. Whatever you decide, there is no reason to feel guilty.

Take care!
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