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How do I get my husband to have sex with me again?

Well this is a long story but I'll shorten it. My husband and I have been sexually active for about 3 yrs and I never orgasmed with him. It was a major mental block with me and I feel awful about it. He tried and tried to do things with me and I never got anything out of it so sometimes I would blame him when I knew it was my fault. I was so happy when he finally stopped trying(about 3 months ago or longer)not realizing the seriousness of everything.
He wont even stay with me all he does is argue with me and he screamed for a divorce a couple weeks ago. We have seperated now and I'm trying everything to help this marriage. I desperately dont want him to leave me. I apologized for him being sex-starved. I told him the secret of mine about why i think i never orgasmed with him and that seemed to make things worse too. I said i changed, that all we need to do is have sex and I will orgasm but he wont. He refuses to do anything with me.He says i ruined his self-esteem and manliness. I did crush him and now I dont know what to do to get him back. I keep iniating sex with sexy texts, clothes, trying to talk to him. Any advice??? Please. Man answers are very welcome cause I have only talked with women.
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replied May 25th, 2010
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Years ago when I was very young and we were married with children I had many instances when I would never orgasm...It's life...Don't believe all the women that say that they kick off every time...NEVER, did I let my husband know this...I could ohhh and ahhh with the best of them...Oh, I could orgasm, but not all the time...Sex takes practice...Hot love...Learning to know each other....and in my opinion, truly turning into a sexual woman...I know for a fact that if I would have told him this, that I would have tore him apart...

As I just said on another post, you have no idea of the women that do not orgasm....It is far higher than has been written...A woman has a hard time letting lose and being all that she can be...She hides herself...Only when she can literally "let it all hang out" is she able to fully find the hot and erotic woman that she is inside....IMO, an orgasm is as much a woman's fault as a man's...He has to try and keep himself at the height of passion as well as find her's...

If I were in your position I would attempt to get together with him...Speak freely of what has happened...This is not all his fault...Being a woman I would say if he did what you told him to do, that you, too, are at fault...You must make him believe this...If you get to this place then private message me and I will give you some help that may help you find what you are looking for....Good luck...

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replied July 5th, 2010
spilled milk
let him go. just leave him alone. he at least is being honest. was he hiding a secret about his sex problems?
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