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How do I cope with his depressions?

Hi, I'm a 22 year old Belgian girl and my boyfriend has a bipolar disorder. We've been together for almost a year now and everything's great, except for his depressions.

He doesn't have any manic phases (thanks to his medication?) but he suffers from depressions sometimes and I have no idea how to deal with it. He's seeing a psychiatrist, but the guy basically told him to suck it up. And I try to get him out of the house and make him eat healthy and stuff, but no effect.

He's also really clingy in during his depressions and constantly asking for my attention - I see him 24/7, can't meet with friends because I'd have to leave him alone and am getting in trouble with my university because I haven't worked enough for my thesis etc. He doesn't want to involve any of his friends too, I'm the only person who can talk with him about his disorder.

Is there anyone who has experience with this kind of situations? What should I do?
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replied April 30th, 2014
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Learn to deal with your boyfriends depression attacks. Know what are triggering factors for his depression attacks. Let him know that you are always there for him. Let him feel that he is not alone and you love him no matter what. Try also to have counselling with his psychiatrist so you will know the best way to deal with him during times of his depression.
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