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How can i stop smoking? I have tried all options and failed?

Hello doctor, I am a 30 year old woman who have smoked since when I was 18 while still in school. I continued with my smoking habit even when I got married to an extent that I smoke while hiding in the shower room. My husband is very unhappy with me and has so far done everything to help me quitting but the habit has failed to go. For all this long, I have failed to get pregnant although I never knew that smoking can have something to do with my failure. While reading some post about the dangers of smoking to women which I stumbled here where failing to get pregnancy was one side effect, I discovered that its high time I found any means to quit smoking and that iw why I am asking you doctor for an immediate help. I have already made an appointment with my doctor for more information about smoking and pregnancy but your help too is appreciated.
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