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how can i quit cigarette but no marijuana

I m 17 n i smoke cigarettes daily on top of that i m a regular marijuana smoker (joint) its almost more than a year i have done can i quit smoking cigarettes
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replied September 21st, 2013
how To quit smoking weed
I would like to talk about several ideas that we have learned via our experience and connection with people that have proved helpful hard to quit smoking smoking weed
==> Try and set some new goals and do activities that will occupy the time that you used to spend getting stoned. Great way to do this is to join a gym or if not just go for a thirty minute jog every other day
write down how you plan to quit smoking weed by making a plan or a course of action.
make sure you are always busy and keep yourself thoroughly occupied.
if your friends are addicted try meeting up in public places where you know that they will not smoke weed.
I would recommend you reward by yourself While using funds that you will spend less have you thought to address you to ultimately a unique supper, buy a number of completely new garments or perhaps use a weekend break out.
This a part of my article about how to stop smoking pot
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