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How can I make my neck stop hurting?

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I fell face first into my couch about a week ago. On impact I felt a crunch in my neck.
Instantly I felt a lot of pain and was unable to turn my head.

For the first few days my neck was completely stiff. I could barely turn my head side to side without having muscle spasms.

After about 5 days, the muscles finally loosened up and I was able to turn my head again but with some pain.

It has now been a week and the muscle tightness and spasms have gone but I still feel a severe pinch in between the joints.
The surface is tender to touch like its bruised but there is no discoloration. I can feel a crunch if I press down around the joint.
Im able to turn my head to both sides and up and down but not without feeling this terrible pinch. There is no pain in any muscles around my neck or shoulders, just this pinch right in the joint and a bruised feeling on the service.

I went to the emergency room to have an X-ray done 2 days ago but was turned away because Im without insurance.
They simply poked around the joint, suggested it was muscle spasms, gave me a prescription for naproxen, and sent me home. Ive tried ice, heat, bed rest, exercises, prescription muscle relaxers and nsaids but nothing has helped!!

Could this possibly be a herniated or bulging disc?

What else could it possibly be?

What can I do at home to relieve this pinching sensation and how long will it take to improve?
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