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How can I know if I really am Bipolar,Depressed???

At school I'm always the quiet one and I don't participate much.
I have some behaviors and emotions that I just want to get it out,like rage or when I'm irritated and angry.I have a small scar in my fist,this is when I was in highschool.I get it when I punched a cabinet right on its lock out of rage.And I broke the lock.
This past months,since I started my freshman in college,I always feel down at school or mostly at home.Then I'll hate the world and think a lot.Then i'll feel empty.Then I'll blame myself and hurt myself sometimes like dug my nails in my scalp,strike my back or arms with a belt,scratch my back painfully with something like my nails or anything which is unnoticeable to anyone.I even thought of just dying since i"m worthless and no one cares..or go away and just get lost.
Some times I'll be cheerful or either quiet like nothing happens.Telling jokes,playing with my younger cousins and brothers,having conversation with others.
I started creating some stories in my head to write it down but I'll have difficulties like 'where to start?','charas','not good' then 'wait i got a better one in my head'.And in the end I can't finish or create a story.
In conversation with others,I'll start getting annoyed with somebody.When I'm irritated my voice's raised and I accidentally shouts at someone if I'm in rage.After a while,I'll start regretting my actions.
There are times my mom and guardian and I had a lil argument becoz I won't talk or say anything about my problems.My father is trying though to reach me.I'm being bratty which is not really kinda like me.Thoughts of blaming myself and that no one really cares racing on my head or such other things.
I asked a friend of mine in highschool if i'm changing moods when I'm with them and what does she think of it.She replied "Yes.Sometimes you get along with my trips,our guys' trips.But sometimes you get very serious.a lot"
She asked why but I wave away her question and said bye.I'm afraid if this what I'm experiencing is a Depression or Am I Bipolar or its just not that seriousl?
I hate regretting my actions and hating myself more.I know I'm not a confident person too but I don't want to be look down.I always don't get too close or befriend someone.I don't want them to hate me or push them away because I can't control my temper at times.This is starting to affect me in school and my lifestyle.
I tried few screening test online, this what I got...

Results & Recommendations
Bipolar Disorder
Your screening results are consistent with symptoms of bipolar disorder. In order to determine a specific diagnosis and appropriate treatment, it is recommended that you see a mental health professional or clinician immediately for a complete evaluation.

Your results are highly consistent with symptoms of depression or bipolar disorder. While depression is characterized by a consistently low mood, bipolar disorder alternates between low moods and "high" or irritable moods. In order to determine a specific diagnosis and appropriate treatment, it is recommended that you see a mental health professional or clinician immediately for a complete evaluation.

It is suggested that you take the bipolar screening (Mood Disorder Questionnaire*) for a more thorough screening.

Your answers also show you might be at risk for harming yourself. You are strongly recommended to see a clinician or mental health professional immediately for a complete evaluation. If you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, dial '911' or go immediately to the nearest hospital Emergency Room for an evaluation. This screening is not a substitute for a complete clinical evaluation.

So what should I do?
My mom's a nurse.Should I tell her about this?
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replied October 13th, 2013
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I would indeed tell your mother/parents. The fact is bipolar disorder is best diagnosed by a professional. Assuming that is the case of coarse.

Best of luck.
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replied January 11th, 2014
my suggestions for you is to better consult a doctor and perform a little bit of exercise
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