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How can I increase erection time & Sperm volume

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I am married and a little worried about our sexual life. In our Intercourse time I get discharged very early in most times usually within 2-3 minutes. So how can I increase the Time? Secondly the volume of sperm at the time of erection is also less comparing to my previous years like 2 years back. And I wand to increase my penile size as well. Please suggest, as I am unable to disclose the matter to anybody. And please advice if any doctors visit is required as well. Please Note I am 28 Years old only and do not have any child. Both of us Now looking for a Child as well.
Please suggest
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First Helper NoMatterWhoAmI

replied April 13th, 2013
kindly reply..........
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replied April 21st, 2013
Try taking a zinc supplement to increase your ejaculation volume. And if you feel you orgasm to quickly try masturbating before you are going to have sex to help increase your trigger time for the next round. I only wish I could orgasm in 2-3 minutes. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum. I can go for 10-15 minutes and not orgasm. I usually have to stop out of exhaustion. In 7 years I have only orgasmed maybe 5 times with my wife. It is hard for me and her. Men are expected to cum faster. So when I am unable, it makes her feel as if she isn't doing something right. Actually some of the times it is her. She has killed more orgasms then I can count by moving just as I am about to orgasm, like changing the position of her hips. Or saying "I can feel you are about to cum" That will generally kill my orgasm and usually the erection to boot.
And forget penis size. Men are always hung up on their size. I know I have been as well. But it is what it is. What you have is what you have and at this point, there is nothing going to make it bigger.
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