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how can i get rid of surgical scars?

i had cut my arm badly last year. i regret it a lot. and now i have around 12 visible permanent scars on my arm. 2 stiches scars 2 keloids and rest are cuts by razor. my arm looks horrible and i feel embarrassed when i go out. i am really fed up of these scars. can someone please suggest how can i ret rid of these scars?
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replied May 26th, 2011
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hi, you can never fully get rid of the scars unforchantly, however you can reduce them.

marula oil can help reduce scars, it will not be a mirical cure but can help them become less visible, it will also help prevent the skin drying out and becoming ichy.

if the scars are realy upsetting you then it is posible to mask them useing makeup blended into your normal skin tone but this is time consumming if effective, it will descise it but not neccerly conpleatly if the dffence in pigmetation is large.

i hope this helps. Smile
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replied May 29th, 2011
thankyou Smile
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