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How at Risk was I? Symptoms?

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Hello everyone,

I am a 18 year old male. I had unprotected oral sex with a older man on and off now for about 2 years (maybe 5 times in total) He never finished in my mouth one time, but I'm 99% sure that there was always small amounts of pre-cum. He says he is clean, but it's hard for me to tell if he is lying or not. I checked online for symptoms of the HIV disease and this is what I have so far. I read that its like a 1/10,000 chance to get it from Oral sex,but I am still very worried. It's hard for me to get tested because im not "out" yet and I can't tell my parents.

Coated Tongue - It's only yellow under very bright light. All other times its a white color, but not super unnatural either. I also don't really brush my teeth regularly and to be honest they are pretty bad and yellow. (I also read this a a LATER symptom)I can post pics if that is allowed here.

Random Tingling/pain in feet - this happened on and off for about a week about a month ago, hasn't been back.

I don't recall every having flu/cold like symptoms after 2-4 weeks after any of our encounters. The things listed above are the ONLY things I have that seem like it could be associated.
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