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How Alcohol Attacks The Brain

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1. first alcohol affect the fore brain and assaults motor coordination and decision making

2.then alcohol knocks out the mid brain,and you lose control over emotions and increase chances of a blackout.

3. finally alcohol batters the brain stem as affects heart rate body temperature,appetite and consciousness,a dangerous and potentially fatal condition. Rolling Eyes
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replied July 1st, 2017
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what's the intent of this post?
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replied July 4th, 2018
How alcohol affects the brain is likely more complex than most people think. True, it’s well known that the chronic use of excessive alcohol can have detrimental effects on the body. Still, a surprising 2018 French study from shows a strong link between early onset dementia, in which an individual begins shows symptoms of dementia before the age of 65, and alcohol addiction.

The study states that heavy alcohol use, as well as other alcohol use disorders, are important risk factors for dementia which can shorten lives by up to 20 years, with dementia as the leading cause of death.

Heavy drinking is considered three drinks a day for women and four to five drinks per day for men. (3) There are several factors that determine how alcohol affects the brain: (4)

1. How much and how often drinking occurs
2. Age when drinking first began
3. Prenatal alcohol exposure
4. Age, gender, genetic background/family history
5. Level of education
6. General health status

Symptoms of alcoholism are:-

Poor coordination
Slurred speech
Slowed reaction times

Impaired thinking
Memory loss

Engaging in risky behaviors
Addictive behavior
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