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I know that I should be getting 8 hours, but it seems impossible for me. I am a student and am up doing homework until around 12 or 1 every night. I get up at 6 o'clock for school, giving me only 5 or 6 hours every night. I hibernate on the weekends.

I've been in this habit for much of my high school life, and I'm perfectly functional? I mean, I'm a bit groggy in the mornings, but I am totally fine and awake once I get to school. I am able to stay awake throughout the day and pay attention in class. I do very well in school and can still score high on a test, even if I only got 5 hours the night before. I'm not very irritable or fatigued -- the only toll it has taken on my body are the dark circles under my eyes, which I can easily cover with makeup.

Again, I know that the standard is 8 hours, but why is that? Do some people require less sleep than others to function properly? People tell me my schedule is unhealthy, but I really feel fine.
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replied February 16th, 2010
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No, you do need the sleep that doctors reccomend. You're very possibly functioning under reduced rest but your putting additional stress on your mind and body by not gettign the sleep you need to reset your body functions. bags under your eyes and the tendency to crash out all weekend should be clear indicators that you're not functioning correctly. If your college years are like mine you're going to start seeing odd ailments crop up, migraines and repeated flu were my sick of choice. The long run for me was delayed sleep disorder but from what I understand it's a crapshoot which sleep disorder your body adopts when it's not given a dependable sleep regimine.
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