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hours late taking it... took antibiotic didn't think twice..

Okay, I know it is 95-99% effective when taken the right way but two night ago I was about two hours late taking it... will that put me more at risk for pregnancy? I'm usually pretty good about taking it at the same exact time everyday and we usually use pull out just to be safe (I know pulling out isn't super effective).

My second question is about antibiotics and birth control. I haven't been sexually active for too long, so I hadn't been using my birth control for actual birth control (I went on it originally for cramps) so when I got sick and took an antibiotic I didn't think twice about it. I just remembered that that can compromise or even cancel out birth control. I took a z-pak starting on the 1st and ending on the 5th, and my doctor didn't mention a thing to me about it mixing with birth control! I had sex the night of the 4th and the morning of the 5th with no condom (we used a comdom once then he pulled out the other times). I continued taking the pill for the next week and we had sex again on friday with no condom and last night with no condom (he pulled out all these times tho if that makes it any better). I know z-paks can stay in your system longer then 5 days that's why I'm worried. I'm supposed to get my period this week (I start the filler pills today). I'm freaking out a little bit. How long should it take before I get my period?

Thanks so much!
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replied February 12th, 2012
I can't say for sure if you will get pregnant but I'm pretty sure you won't. My sister forgot to take her pill for a good 2 days and she was sexually active with her boyfriend both days unprotected and she's perfectly fine. Now I might be wrong but I do think it's highly unlikely that you're pregnant.
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