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Hot pink vagina with bumps

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Is this more than likely. . .
an STD?
something curable by medicine or cream?
just irritation?
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I am soooo scared right now and I really wanna go to the doctor but I have no money. For the past couple months everytime me and my bf have had sex I get cracks on the outside of my vagina as if it was torn by not being wet enough but this hasn't ever happened before. Just recently. I've also been getting little bumps that are flesh colored on my vagina. I cant see in the mirror too well so I took a picture today to look at it and I was so SHOCKED. Its super super bright pink and looks really dry. I have cracks on it now too. And sometimes when me and my bf have sex or he puts his fingers in me the very inner rim of my vagina burns and I'm not able to enjoy it. It sounds like an STD to me but I dont see how cuz I've been with the same person so there has to be another reason. Please someone help me. What could be wrong? I have no idea what to do anymore. I'm so scared I feel like I'm gonna cry. It shouldn't be this bright hot pink color or any of this stuff.
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replied May 10th, 2010
this sounds serious, you really should go see a doctor. Maybe ask your bf to help you out if you really can't afford it now. And sex is probably a bad idea until you know what this is.
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