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Hey, Guys!
I’m not exactly new here, but I need some medical advice and I’m not sure where to post this.
My fiancé really battles with controlling his body temperature. He’s born and bread South African so the logical assumption would be that he would be acclimatized after 37 years of heat. NOT.
Even in the midst of winter – while I would be sitting with three layers of clothing – he would be walking around with a T-shirt, sweating like crazy.
My guess would be that it is hormonal because he suffers from severe depression and insomnia and has other minor symptoms like an oily skin.
I have to add that I doubt whether it is his thyroid. He has no symptoms like weight problems etc.
Where can I post for help in this regard?
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replied October 7th, 2008
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Hi Max
I'm not sure what that could be. Just wanted to answer your post and say hi! Actually I have met a few people like that. I know a guy that wears shorts most of the winter in Canada. Yes, winter in Canada, you know -40 etc. Is he a big man? You say no weight problems so I assume you mean not obese. Does he take any meds for depression? Is he diabetic? I'm not sure where to post this either. Maybe depression forum or general questions? Sorry I am not much help. How are you feeling? Hope you are feeling better these days.
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replied October 8th, 2008
Aw, thanks for asking, April. I still need to have some more tests run, but I can’t afford it at this stage. I went for an interview last week and I landed myself a really nice job in the banking sector. I’m starting on Monday.
I have to admit that I’m a little nervous as my head is still a little foggy, but for now I’m more exited than nervous.
There are some parts in the left side of my face that is still numb. Feels like a dentist played a cruel joke on me, but I do have control over my facial muscles at least.

As for my fiancé: He has been on anti-depressants the last year or so, but the major problem is the heat-thing, so I don’t want to post this under the depression forum.

ps. Not obese, not diabetic.
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