Every few months I will have horrific nightmares... over and over again just as I am falling asleep. When I say horrific, they are beyond terrifying and scare me to death (and as a horror movie fan, that's no mean feat)!! I know everyone has them, and sometimes recurring, but when it happens to me, it's sometimes up to 30 DIFFERENT nightmares one after another and will go on for about an hour. I mentioned I like horror movies, but this is not the cause because I know they're fiction and have NEVER been scared by them! These nightmares wouldn't be ALLOWED in cinemas!!!!!
Does anyone know a possible reason for this?!

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replied January 19th, 2012
Horrific Nightmares
Hi Baffled,

I don't know the exact reason but I also have the same symptoms. I have been having the most horrific, delirious nightmares for about 15 years. I also am a horror fan and I agree that they are not the cause as they are like G rated cartoons compared to my dreams of which I also have dozens upon dozens a night, sometimes 3 to 4 layers deep. IMO I think it has to do with underlying anxiety disorders as I have a long history with bipolar, OCD and imsomnia. My dreams started when I was about 12 and I hadn't even seen a movie over PG rating by then. My psychiatrist, phycologist and doctors don't know what causes them but they can mess me up for days after a particularly bad set. I have also had recurring dreams where I fall asleep and my dream starts as if I am waking up, and I live a completely separate life when I'm asleep. This went on for weeks at one stage and I lost the ability to tell the difference AT ALL between memories of real life and memories of my dream life. It will be interesting to find out what causes this.

All the best mate
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