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Horribly Excruciating back pain 2-3 days before my period.

I am a 30 year old mother of 6 and for the past 2 months 2-3 days before my periods I have been getting horribly excruciating lower back pain which goes away on my 1st full cycle day. I have a very high pain tolerence (had 6 pain-med free births..with 3 of them being inductions) but the pain I am having is horrible, (up there with back labor) I can't do anything even sitting & laying causes me pain. It hurts to breath and nothing is helping (heating pads, over the counter meds, ice packs, hot baths) I am getting to the point where I just want to cry. I have never had this before and I fear that there could be something majorly wrong with me. I am also unsure of what kind of doctor to call, do I start with my PCP, then talk to my OB, or should I call my OB first because I'm having the pain now knowing my period is coming?? I just need some relief...Please Help!!!!
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replied March 20th, 2012
If anyone was wondering what advise I got here it goes: Severe lower back pain which is disturbing day to day activities and is not relieved by even general measures can be indicative of some underlying issues as endometritis,fibroids,pelvic infection,endometrial hyperplasia,cervicitis etc and requires an evaluation.

You require a USG scan and Hormonal analysis to rule out the exact cause.Since I am not observing you it is difficult to comment.Kindly visit an Ob/Gyn earliest for evaluation and precise diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be started accordingly
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