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Horrible prostate issues on a 29-year old while traveling


This is going to be a long post but I'll try to be as brief as possible. I would appreciate any responses massively, as this is currently making my life hell and I won't have access for proper healthcare for a while as I'm traveling in the third world for another two months. Google isn't really helping at all here.

Background story: I'm a 29yo male, healthy, normal weight, don't use drugs or have any particularly bad habits, only medication I use is thyroxin (small dose) for thyroid issues. I'm currently traveling around some third world countries.

The story goes back almost two years. I had a fling where I made the mistake of not using protection. A few days after I started noticing symptoms that developed rapidly: burning sensation while peeing etc. I was basically sure I had picked up some sex disease. This happened while I was expatting in a devoutly catholic country and they basically looked over any sex diseases as something that shouldn't happen and finding proper health care was tough. I had to go to multiple hospitals for what seemed like no-brainer issue, and everyone gave me different meds. All the tests they did tested negative but they gave me antibiotics and whatever you treat STDs with. However it just kept getting worse and worse and none of the stuff helped at all. I was on like 3 different antibiotics plus some viral thing (sorry I'm bad with remembering medicine names) and I started getting horrible prostate pains. I had a week when I couldn't even sit down on the sofa, it hurt so much. It seemed incredibly clear that I had caught acute prostatitis (from all the meds?) but it was impossible to find a doctor who would agree with this view. I was like "look, I literally have 100% of the prostatitis symptoms" and they were like "no no, sex disease". It took me like 2-3 weeks to find a doctor who finally gave me meds to treat prostatitis (I want to say doxycycline but I'm not 100% sure). It took 24 hours for the symptoms to fade, 48 hours later I was cured.

After this when I returned to my home country I did a full STD test three times (a month, 3 months and 6 months later) and tested negative for everything every single time. It still remains a mystery what it is that I actually caught.

Anyway that was the background story, all that happened around 20 months ago. Ever since then I feel like my prostate hasn't been the same. I pee more often, I wake up 2-3 times a night to pee, and it often gets a little sore from car rides and such. My prostate seems to absolutely hate swimming and whenever I swim in cold waters (which I very much try to avoid) it hurts like crazy for a few days. Last summer I swum in a very cold lake and as a result was in what I would describe as actual severe pain in my prostate for 3-4 days. I was traveling and couldn't see a doctor, and 4 days later just when I got back home the pain magically disappeared and never came back, so I never went to see a doctor.

Okay. So now onto the point. I've been traveling around (think backpacking but in nice hotels and better budget) for about 4 months now. During this time I've had no sex or done anything that in my mind could have caused this. It first started in January. All of a sudden I started realizing that I have a bit of trouble controling my bladder. You know when you really need to pee, and your brain tells your bladder muscles to hold it in until you find a toilet? I'd get those sensations, like BAM I would suddenly really really need to pee, but it would have trouble holding urine in because it felt like my brain lags a second behind. In other words I would pee a tiny bit in my pants, for like a second, think a tea spoon's worth or so, before the command from my brains would finally reach my bladder muscles which then close the gates, so to speak. This wasn't too bad at first, it was just weird and I sort of got used to it.

Then around a month later (early February I think) I woke up wetting the bed a little bit. I sort of woke up to myself urinating. It wasn't really bad, I think I had only leaked like 1/3 glass or so, but enough to have to change underwear. This has since happened 6 times, out of which 5 times I was drunk. I don't drink very often, so this has been basically every single time I've been out. I come home, go to sleep (I don't mean passing out, just slightly drunk) and then I wake up to myself peeing with varying amounts of urine in my pants.

Last night I was out drinking and when I got back home I started getting a ridiculous urge to pee. It literally felt like my bladder is bursting. I was outside my door trying to turn the key, 10 seconds away from being able to use the toilet, but I just couldn't hold it in. I just peed like a sprinkler inside my pants. Two minutes earlier I didn't feel the slightest need to pee. Later the same night I was fast asleep and ended up wetting the bed big time. Full dose like a little kid, I didn't even wake up to it. I will say that this was the only time in months when I've been really drunk, but still it was nothing absurd (I had like 10 beers).

On top of this I generally need to pee a lot. For example I was on a 3-hour flight a while back, took really good care to not drink basically anything before it, yet I still needed to get up three times to pee. I'd also say that my prostate generally seems a little sore, not painful but more like I'm just more aware of its existence so I guess it's enlargened. Oh and, when ever I wipe my rear end after taking a dump and touch anywhere near the prostate I leak some urine from the other end despite not feeling the need to pee.

Lastly, I started eating thyroxin (50mg a day) last October for thyroid malfunction. I honestly am not sure if it could be that that's causing this. I know that I said that these symptoms only started in January, but I did very little in my life during October-December and it's entirely possible that I just didn't notice these prostate symptoms starting.

I think that's everything. I have no other symptoms, nothing like weird fevers or blood in urine or anything. The wetting the bed stuff especially was really frightening for obvious social reasons etc and it just seems to be getting worse. I now worry about starting to pee in public or something and this is starting to stress me out big time. I'm still traveling in the third world for another couple of months, they have hospitals here that are not advised to be used and there's a huge language barrier as well. But also the pharmacies sell anything without precription. So I guess my questions are these:

-Any idea what this is in general?
-What can I do about it before I get to the first world?
-Is there a medicine I could buy that could help? Again, literally everything is precription-free. Something that people use for prostate enlargement maybe?

Obviously I want to get fully checked by a proper doctor, but if there's anything I could do to mitigate this until I get back home, I'd love to do that.

I also have a full pack of doxicycline, same drug that I used before to cure that prostatis, on me. I asked my doctor to give me one before leaving for this trip in case I would encounter something like last summer when I felt like I had prostatitis again, but which then healed itself. I haven't tried it yet because I'm unsure if it'd help and I don't want to eat antibiotics for nothing. I have the full dose for a 10-day program. Any thoughts on trying? I also tried all kinds of herbal supplements (Men's Prostate Health type stuff) and none of them helped at all.

I would be extremely grateful for any responses. Thank you so much for reading and be well everyone.
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replied April 25th, 2017
You should see a doctor
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