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Hormonal acne problems conceiving

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I was put on a BCP because of acne 5 years ago. The acne got better (though did not entirely go away). I know this can be from a hormonal imbalance. Will that affect my chances of getting pregnant in the future?
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replied March 6th, 2008
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Yes it could. Besides the acne, you could also have other health problem that may or may not have shown up yet. I couldn't find a link on the net to anything that was very specific that you could read, but the general theme is that you will probably have to work harder than most if you want to try to become pregnant.

The acne could be one of the least of the worries, because it is only a side effect of the imbalance, and you could have PCOS, hyperthyroidism, Cushings, etc.... There are really too many factors that can trigger the imbalance, but as I said, it isn't impossible to concieve with something like PCOS, but it would be difficult.

I will PM a couple links to you that I found that might help you a little more...
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replied March 31st, 2008
i also have had hormonal imbalance, since a really young age. i learned recently that i am estrogen dominant, after seeking help from my naturopath when dh and i could not conceive after 1 year... symptoms can include, but are not limited to
-sore/cystic breasts
-clotted periods
-hormonal acne
-unexplained weight gain (targeted in lower abdomen and hips...)
i am trying to reverse my condition naturally by getting more aerobic exercise, eating better, and using natural progesterone to supplement what my body is not producing. hopefully this will increase chances of conceiving...
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