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HONEY AND DIABETES: A Rear Common Friend

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Diabetes has been defined as a fundamental disorder of metabolism, primarily that of carbon hydrate, which may be triggered by insulin deficiency or resistance. There are two types of diabetes –typeA and B. In type diabetes, the pancreas may produce enough insulin, but the body cannot make use of it due to deficiency of certain key nutrients or excess body fat or both. Given the cause and effect of diabetes, honey is indispensable for preventing and healing of this malady. On Account of research, a clinical study on the effect of honey on the blood of non-insulin dependent diabetic patient prove that honey lower the blood glucose after three hours of ingesting raw honey. The sugar level is even lower than the initial record just after the first honey administration.
Diabetes also incapacitates the brain by depriving it of adequate supply of glucose needed to function optimally, and this cause nerve damage, memory failure, numbness, pain, burning feet, constipation and glaucoma and foot ulcer. But while amputation is the common conventional antidote to diabetic foot ulcer, honey has saved the limbs of many diabetic from surgeons. Honey also protect the brain from damage with it rich antioxidants properties, which help to prevent free radicals from harming the cell in the brain.
Diabetes is also a leading cause of blindness, which may be due to cataract, glaucoma and diabetes retinopathy, honey, can protect the eyes against the damaging effect of diabetes, furthermore, honey reduces excess body weight which is critical to avoiding diabetics complications like heart disease, kidney damage and sudden death.

Early diagnose of diabetes either A or B is an important factor to fight and control it. This can be done through an expert or an online free-test form to know the sugar level in the body with consultation and advice.
Never use adulterated, refined, or diluted honey as it doesn’t guaranty or contains the natural vitamins and other essential minerals found in the natural pure honey. Adulterated or refined honey is not good for consumption because it may contain some artificial harmful chemical substance that could damage the vital internal organs and cause adverse effect on health. Rolling Eyes
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replied March 28th, 2011
"REAR"???? Common Friend?
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