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homeopathic treatments for sciatica

Hi guys,

I read a ton of this message board last night, and came away with some good information.

Here is the item I ultimately have questions about if you don't want to read this long post. p?ProductID=5998

A little about me, first had back problems in 1997 at the ripe old age of 19, first MRI in 1999 where I was told I had a protruding disc, degenerative disk disease (pronounced) and narrow canal where my spinal cord is. Forgive me I don't remember the technical term... that last one is genetic. By the time I did the insurance dance and got to see a surgeon (ortho), I was no longer in pain and did not take his advice and have surgery immediately. Thank god.

Fast forward and I'm now into my second serious bout with sciatica. Last week when it got going I couldn't feel my left leg very well. Lots of tingly annoying pain in the back of my thigh, and foot and I can't push off with that foot. Doctor wanted an MRI because of the loss of motor function coupled with the nerve issue. doctor

Yesterday she called me back with the results (I haven't seen the report yet). Something about a protruding fragment at L5-S1, bone spurs, and DDD. Anyway the radiologist wants another MRI, this time with contrast and some higher powered magnet.

Honestly that right there freaks me out! I felt nauseous after this last one. Not sure why, anyone else have an experience like this or an MRI with contrast (they put an IV of some fluid into your blood that makes you easier to pick apart I guess??)...

So there's my life / back story. I never have been sure what started it all. Last year my brother had a severely pinched nerve that caused drop foot, and they went in for emergency surgery. That made me think it could have been the horrific car accident we were in together in 1992.

This year I did start seeing a chiropractor for the first time in my life, and though I think he helped me, my friends and family have been trying to get me to stay away. He is a great guy, and he seems to have my best interest in mind. When I went to him with the sciatica this time, he called my doc and got the MRI all setup which is a miracle with my insurance. He also told me about an amazing doctor just over the hill at Cedars Sinai's Back and Spinal Disorder Treatment Center.

So on to today I was looking to buy one of these "Kuznetsov Applicators", Russian acupressure device... p?ProductID=6323

I've read a bunch about them and figure it's worth a shot. I'm not a fan of the state of me lately, hopped up on goofballs 24/7 just so I can sit down. I'm looking for other ways to manage my pain. While I was on this site, I found these... "GLASS POT FOR BACK TREATMENT" p?ProductID=5998

What school of treatment do these things belong to? I was thinking about throwing a couple on the order since they are only a couple of bucks, but I don't need any new dust catchers. Any information on their use would be great.

I've been taking Vicodin for the pain, and don't want to get to into the habit. The last thing I need is an addiction problem so I would like to find other ways to manage my pain. Other note, I do have a medical marijuana card (here in Californie that's legal), and though it also isn't something I want to do on a regular basis it does help at times. Basically it just puts me in a better mood, and makes me feel more like my normal self which can do a lot for you mentally. Only problem is it's so potent you have to be very careful with the amount or you can end up paranoid and hungry.

Let's talk about your best homeopathic treatments... I still haven't found them.

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replied July 30th, 2008
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Hello Thebrooke,

Welcome to this forum!!!

It HURTS to read what you have been through at your young age.

In my opinion you need to seek the advice of the VERY BEST spinal surgeon/neurosurgeon who you can find in your area. Then see the spinal surgeon who is 2nd on your list.

I hope you will permit me to give you my honest thoughts regarding chiropracters, and especially about those acupressure devices. PLEASE don't put your faith and body in them. You will only delay the medical attention you need from a spinal specialist who has MD after his/her name.

PLEASE Thebrooike, don't be taken in by these "magic" cures.

I personally am becoming very concerned that this forum is turning from being a very good scientifically medical based forum into a "snake oil" forum. It disturbs me greatly.

Take care. Let us know how things go for you.


P.S. - For your info it is a NO No to provide links to products/services on this forum. At least, such is my understanding.
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replied July 30th, 2008
Hi RichT
Well... thanks for the reply.

You'll be glad to know I have worked with my insurance to find a way to be seen at Cedars Sinai, which is one of the top hospitals in the country. They have a Spinal Disorder Treatment Center... I feel like that part of the ballgame is moving along smoothly.

As for the no link policy, I can understand not wanting people spamming the forum, but I am in no way linked to any of those products and will not benefit from you checking them out monetarily. So as far as I know, that is not a violation of general forum rules. If I am wrong, please let me know.

And finally, I say this with utmost respect... Homeopathic medicine is not "snake oil", or "magic". I do not intend to use these treatments as a replacement for a medical doctors recommendation. I am only looking for ways to manage pain without pain medication. I think closing your mind to everything beyond the doctors office is selling yourself short!

As I mentioned, I had NEVER seen a Chiropractor with my decade of back issues until earlier this year when I tweaked my back while exercising. This was not a lower back thing, a whole new problem that felt like a rib had moved out of place or something. And he was very professional, requested any films I had, and didn't touch me the first time I met him. I have been bombarded by friends, family, and now even here about not seeing a chiropractor. Believe me I didn't just walk off the street into a random office. This guy was highly recommended by multiple people, and actually facilitated me getting the first MRI through my insurance.

Sorry to bite back, I just am tired of people telling me not to see my Chiro. He hasn't touched me since this recent flare up began, and I was in his office. He is the one who determined I had an emergency going on. He also met with me on the phone, and explained my MRI results to me in English... no cost. By the way, L5 - S1 there is an extruded fragment not connected to the disc, just rocking out in the spinal canal. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have surgery.

One last blast... there is more out there than western medicine. Thank god we have it, and I'm using it... but my mind is open to other things as well.

Sue me....

RichT, I appreciate your response, now anyone want to talk about alternative medicine?
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replied July 31st, 2008
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Hello Thebrooke,

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to have surgery." Perhaps, but you will only know after you have sought out the advice and wisdom of several spinal surgeons/neurosurgeons. I say "several" because in my experience there are differences of opinions. It will take a lot of serious research to determine from the thoughts of the various doctors what will be the best decision for you. I wish you well as you go through that process.

Thebrooke, sounds like you have an exceptional chiro. For that you can be thankful.

It is good to have an "open mind". No disagreement there. However, it also requires that the "open" mind be able to differentiate the scientifically sound and validated medical techniques from those which at best are unproven. Thebrooke, and of the unproven alternative techniques many if not most will only at best make you think you feel better. They do not address the problem. That is known as the "placebo effect".

In fact Thebrook, that is the reason I started the "Laser Spine Surgery" (LSS) thread. MANY people as you may know contributed greatly to the thread with their experiences and thoughts. Because of the lack of a valid scientific study, in reality it is very difficult to determine whether the laser spine institutes are "real" cutting edge medicine or a qucik way for those institutes to make millions of dollars off of the helpless people who have spinal issues.

Please research and RESEARCH WELL as best you can before you try any of the "alternative" medical approaches. The best approach in my view is to obtain information of such techniques from spinal surgeons and other doctors with MD after their name who have spent many MANY years in study and training. Oh yes, and to QUESTION, QUESTION whatever the source. It can take time and a lot of digging for the "holes" to show. Be careful not to be taken in by the quick fixes.

I wish you the best.

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replied September 9th, 2019
Homeopathy has effective treatment options for sciatica. The remedies are made from natural resources, are side-effect free and extremely effective. There are more than 100 remedies in its repertoire to choose from - Colocynth, Rhus-Tox, Pulsatilla, Hypericum, Aconite to name a few.

The following remedies may prove to be useful:

Ammonium Muriaticum: It is taken for chronic pain in the heel or for chronic backache or when straightening the knee gets difficult as hamstrings contract. It is also taken for limping.

Bellis Perennis: In periosteum injuries, stiffness and deep aches in the spine Bellis Perennis is used. It is also used for tailbone injuries. It is also helpful for nerve pains during pregnancy.

Calcarea Fluorica: If the vertebra degenerates after trauma to the spine, then Calcarea Fluorica can be useful.

Cicuta: The worst back injuries with serious trauma and muscles spasms are treated with Cicuta.

Hypericum: Hypericum is suggested for tailbone injuries, temporary paralysis, spinal concussions and for sharp pain that tingles and moves upwards.

Rhus tox: If after lifting weights, overexerting muscles and exposure to anything wet, you feel tearing and burning pain, then Rhus tox is beneficial. Cramps that get better after heat application, but get worse after exposed to the cold are also treated with Rhus tox.

Ruta: Stiffness and pain from back injuries, twisting the wrong way and bruises are prescribed with Ruta.

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