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Hole on chest

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I've had a very small hole( 3mm across) on my chest for the past few years - no pain, no itching, infact no symptoms as such but it has just never healed. Today I decided to do some 'digging' and took a clean needle to try and find out why. There appears to be a core of hard, dead skin inside and I was able to put the needle in at least 2cm's with no pain or bleeding! What I did manage to extract was dozens of small,tough fibres about 5mm long each one looking suspiciously like the next - thankfully, nothing moved!
If anyone can enlighten me as to what this might be I'd be very grateful.
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replied January 25th, 2009
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Have you spoken to anyone about this? Have you seen a doctor?

If yes, what did they say?
Is it still giving you trouble?
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replied December 27th, 2009
did you ever get wounded there? i accidentally stabbed myself with a very sharp pencil years ago and i have a little hole in my chest with the hard core of dead skin where i was wounded.
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