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it's been about 4 months that somethings that looks like Hives grows all over my body's skin, mostly arms, legs, chest that are itchy. sometimes they grow on my face and I ashamed to contact my friends. at first, the doctor at telephone-emergency told me to inject Betamethasone (milk-color one) and see the result. after injecting, my Hives got better; but after 24 hours they came back. at last, after seeing many doctors, one of them prescript me Hydroxyzine syrup 120 ml and it helped me; but not permanently. if I drink one spoon syrup every 6 hours, most of the hives and itchy manner goes away; but still some hives will remain on my skin. and confusingly, every morning I woke up from bed, too many hives appears on my skin again and they are sometimes big!

most of the days, in middle of day in university, when I get tired and my body temperature gets high, hives appears rapidly.

I will appreciate any idea and suggestion, thank you.
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replied April 10th, 2010
I developed hives after my doctor put me on diovan. He said it wasn''t the diovan and so did the rep who sold it. I continued to have severe hives. I stopped taking it after two months (no longer needed it). Continued taking zyrtec. Hives stayed away. I assumed it was from taking zyrtec everyday. My doctor then put me on high doses of viaming B6 B12 and folic acid. My hives went on a rampage after that. Not one doctor I went to put two and two together, so I suffered for almost a year. Then one day my face swelled up and they sent me to an allergist for test. Everything came up negative. Still had severe hives and every once in awhile my face and throat swelled up. Last time I went to emergency room a doctor told me my facial swelling was due to a condition called angina edema. I was allergic to Nsaids, ace inhibitors, ibuprofen, etc. I was still breaking out into hives but no more facial swelling. I then went to an immunology allergist. He took me off of the B vitamins and folic acid. He knew that that what was causing hives. He said it was a common hive producer that very few people realize that. I have been hive free ever since the day I stopped taking them. Ask you doctor about this and if he says no way, go to a doctor that knows about this allergy.
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