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i make a sexual intercourse with phelipino woman may be in 48 years old and i dont use codom or any thing
after i have finished i dout this girl may carry hiv
i want to know what is the test i need to do and how many dayes shold i do this test and how many times should i do this test

i am 26 yers old
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replied July 23rd, 2009
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The standard HIV test is an antibody test, looking for antibodies in a person's blood.
Most people develop detectable HIV antibodies within 3 to 6 weeks, and sometimes up to 3 months of infection.
For earlier detection of HIV you may ask for PCR testing (this test looks for HIV directly in a person's blood instead of detecting antibodies, and may detect an HIV infection about a week after an exposure) or P24 antigen test (levels of p24 antigen increase significantly at about one to three weeks after initial infection).
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