Quite a few of you know about the HIV infections. Please read and help.

Exactly a week ago (last Saturday and Sunday) I had a protected exposure with 2 CSW. I dont know what I was thinking, I was alone, had some drinks with friends and went on to this dingy place to do this with friends again. I am not a regular at this - I might have had 3-4 such instances in the last 6 years and before that never.

The first exposure was fully protected - oral, vaginal and then ejaculation by hand. The vaginal entry was painful and tight. But I am dead sure the condom was intact but I did not check. During ejaculation by the CSW using her hand none of the sperm came out of the condom.

The second exposure the next day - it was again protected - it was very tight and I could feel the skin move back and the head rub against the condom - little painful but nothing that could cause a cut. But during the act when I pulled out and saw at my penis there was slight traces of blood on the outside of the condom at the tip - it could have been inside too - not very sure . Could be from the CSW. Immediately I went into the bath removed the condom and filled it with water - it was intact. I did apply pressure with my right squeezing the condom downwards with the right hand and no water came out - so it was intact. Then I started to examine my penis for any cuts or bruises - none were evident but the head was a little sore. What was I doing? I had to clean my hands with soap before I could touch my penis with the hands that held the condom which had entered the CSW.

After this I asked the CSW to give a hand for ejaculaion and came away.

The very next day I started feeling dry throat and feverish - very low intense slightly giddy - could concentrate on work but in the back of the mind this was always there. One of my friend had throat infection and severe fever and he had accompanied me to the CSW and we were sitting very close and having some drinks and shared cigarettes etc. I took the same antibiotic as him and the fever was gone. That same night I woke up with severe sweating - my shirt was fully drenched. For two days I was OK thinking the soreness in the penis is because of rough housing.

But I have now started feeling burning sensation in the penis. The niggling was always there and I was initially thinking it was because of the tight intercourse and being non-circumcised the sensitive part of the head was a little tender (no cuts evident then nor now) but under the protection of the condom and it would go away. Now the pain and burning sensation have moved a little upwards and I feel that my bladder also hurts. Particularly when it is filled. The urine is clean except it leaves a very light oily surface which I have been looking at. I have smellt the urine and it does not smell bad. I have tried squeezing from the bottom of the penis to see if any yellow or pus comes out but it is nothing or only urine - almost odourless - strange I know how my urine smells and this is odourless. When I pull back the skin it is very dry. When i touch the muscle/fat near the base of the penis above and around the scrotum it seems slightly swollen and slightly painful. Yesterday I stopped the antibiotic for throat infection and slight fever and today the burning sensation has increased and it is at the tip of the penis.

I presumed I have infected gonorhea and have started Norflox on my own.

But what are the chances that I might have contracted HIV along with this unknown infection - if it is really an infection at all. Please help me. I know I have to wait a few more weeks before I can get help from a doctor for the test but I am right now psychologically down. I am always lost and everyone have started looking at me suspiciously.

I dont know how I will take if the eventuality happens - I cannot tell my family nor can I keep away from sex with my wife which will arouse suspiscion in her. I cannot tell her what happened and wait till the doctor does the test.

Please help me in such a dire sitution. Should I be unconcerned or is there cause for concern. Could the right hand which touched the condom carry the HIV/gonorhea virus onto the penis. I think about 30 seconds to 1 minute would have passed between touching the condom overflowing with water and then touching the penis.
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replied May 24th, 2010
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I dont think you have to worry about it..if your that concerned get tested.
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replied May 24th, 2010
Ok so 2 issues with ur story, 1st u say that ur not into having sex with CSW yet uve have a few encounters in the last 6yrs and 2 in one weekend. Hmm. Maybe you should understand that ur actually are putting urself at risk by having sex with CSW even if protected. Why? Because condoms are not fool proof n they will and do break under the right circumstances. So I advice you to look into a new activity as sex and alcohol doesnt go well together. The other this is the fact that you actually checked the condoms both times meaning condom was not ripped so even if there was blood involved it didnt penetrate ur penis. As far as other STD's only a test for those will tell if u caught any. But I am guessing u should be fine. Test for HIV at 6-8wks and if negative it should b a good indication. But i really dont think u need a test. Best of luck.
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