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i am male from india and i had a non vaginal sexual act with a CSW on 17th dec (ejaculated in between the thighs). Unfortunately there was a cut on my penis. and i noticed some reddish spots on her thighs after the incident. she has also masturbated me by her hands. I had a light fever and cough 12 days after the incident out of which the cough is still present. i had an Elisa test yesterday(29th day) which was negative. But the elisa absorbance ratio was 0.405 and in all my previous tests it was around 0.3. the cut of point was stated as 0.9

pls help me with the following as i am very scared

1. what was my chance of acquiring hiv from this episode?

2. do the increase in the Elisa number indicates possible positive result at a later date.

3. Do i need further testing?
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replied January 16th, 2011
pls help me out....
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replied January 30th, 2011
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reference range means nothing. ELISA give a report positive or negative. don't bother cut off value. get test at 40days elisa. or get a test pcr. pcr test will detect at 72hours.
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