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HIV from blood mixed with food

Hi...approximately 10 days back I went to the local "pan shop" (betel leaves shop) for buying a preparation of chopped/shredded betel nuts + some local herbs and spices.

This link should give you a rough idea of what im talking about. The handler used his bare hands/fingers to mix all the ingredients together and he rubbed the mixture vigorously with his thumb and index finger. Once he was done...I started consuming the mix almost immediately (1-2 mins) and finished over the next 20 minutes. Since shredded betel nuts are pretty sharp ...I even got a small cut near the tip of my tongue which later turned into a small bleeding wound.

I had forgotten about this but i was at the same shop this week and i overheard that the guy who mixed the beetle nuts had recently gone for a blood test (dunno for what)and thats when i got worried. What if the guy has something and a small amount of his blood entered the betel nut mix. These guys generally have a lot of cuts/scrapes on their fingers from cutting betel nuts.

I know many of you may find this to be an irrational fear...but can someone please clear this doubt?

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replied May 31st, 2013
the link was removed by ehealthforum as it is against their rules but you can google betel nuts to get an idea of what im talking about
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