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hiv exposure chances ?

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hello everyone.

my story starts off with a couple of my friends and my self going out to a stripclub. i started talking to a girl she told me how she just had a baby almost a year ago, and what not then we went for a dance. well during that dance i started fingering her and she said wait what about the bacteria. i said im clean and she said ok then. and i kept fingering her. i didnt wash my hands for a while after. then it hit me she mentioned bacteria. so ive been freaked out since. i got a hiv test at planned parent hood. and it came up negative. everyone ive talked to said i should be fien that theres never been any cases from that. im just scared. is there a chance that i could have gotten it from that. i always have little cuts on my cutickles idk how to spell it correctly. should i be worried.
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replied August 21st, 2008
well there not really cuts just like messed up cutickles. They weren't bleeding or open wounds. The thing is two to three weeks after I started haveing stomach pains with either bad diarehia or constipation. That last about two weeks. Other than that i've been normal. Except now I've had headaches that feel like there behind my ears and my back of my neck. My doctor checked my lymph nodes and they where and are still not swollen. I rubbed the back of my neck so hard that I can feel a little bump now and ever since then I've had the headaches.
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