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Hiv and oral sex ?

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Last week at my buddys bachelor party?
we went to a strip club I had a lap dance from the same girl (which i know from High School) Anyway she has 2 kids (the stripper) and is a great girl. However during the lap dance she stuck her fingers in her vagina and sometimes licked it off and put those same fingers in my mouth and sometimes it went from her vagina directly to my mouth. I have no sores in my mouth or bleeding gums and such. What is my chances of exposure for HIV is it minimal and not to worry since the fluid was exposed to a cold temprature? please advise
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replied October 10th, 2008
Low risk
Not sure why you would let her stick her fingers in your mouth after fingering herself, but I think it is low risk - If in doubt, get tested and let your mind rest!
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replied October 11th, 2008
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Yeah diffenetly Low risk. Actualy, for people who diagnosed with HIV and are married/engaged/with a relationship, they recommend having oral sex and other ways of pleasing.

the HIV virus is deadly, but is so vulnerable also. it dies quickly when exposed to the open air and then to your saliva.

and Therecouldbehope, are u kidding? thats so sexy dude Razz
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