We are high school students in Oceanside High School, conducting an anonymous study investigating the interactions between personality traits and perceived change in health behaviors in people with HIV/AIDS. This is a college in high school research project that has been designed in an attempt to improve adherence behaviors in individuals, and how their treatments could be better tailored for the individual to improve medication adherence, as well as investigating a field where there isn’t enough information on. This study is supervised by Dr. Frye, a professor in Social Psychology at Long Island University, NY. We have received IRB approval at both our high school and LIU.
We would really appreicate your participation.
Heres the link; https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jHYMmmvFs 0pVkC1953YQ5loj9Rm1ju7rgJb28Amxgmo/viewfor m?edit_requested=true

Thank you,
Sara and Anna
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