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Hitting head

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Five days ago while getting groceries out of the trunk of the car, the trunk closed on me and hit me in the top-left of my head (mild-moderate hit). I started worrying that I might have caused some serious damage (although I didn't pass out, vomit, etc.). About an hour later, I got a slight headache (I am thinking due to all the worrying). So I went to the doctor after reading all the horror stories on the internet about people dying from hitting their heads (big mistake!). The doctor asked me some questions, made me walk, touch my nose, squeeze their hand, etc. and said that they didn't think I needed further testing as it was probably just a minor event. The doc also said I might have a mild concussion, but I don't think I hit the head that hard.

If it was serious, would I be feeling a lot worse five days after the event? I have an off and on slight headache and nausea (which might be due to worry) but that's it.

I keep reading online about the "talk and die" syndrome and that makes me worry and makes me feel like I should push for a CT scan. Am I being irrational?

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