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Hit head against concrete wall

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I was in Economics and I was putting my head back onto the wall and I thought the wall was further back than it actually was and I hit the back of my head against the wall really really hard. I have a sore spot where it hit, and at first I was ok but now I have a headache.

Should I be concerned?

My mum was telling me a few days agoabout some guy who hit his head against something, was alright for the first few hours, then got a massive migraine and died. Could the same happen to me? Is my brain OK?

It happened at around 11:30am, its now 8pm, I get an uncomfortable feeling at the spot when I tilt my head back, and I have a mild headache...
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replied April 17th, 2009
im afraid
my friend also hit his head on the wall a few weeks ago, at first he thought it was alright but after a few weeks he started to suffer from headaches more and more and then-he died...all of a sudden doctors could not explain it and it will always stay a mystery
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