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his temper is extreme and I am always the one at fault

Hello...thanks for having me in the forum. Brief history is over twenty year relationship and just in past several years have come to the mind opening conclusion that I am not the problem. Husband is very controlling but very irresponsible regarding things that need to be done around home. We have no children, thank goodness, but i accomplish the brute of the duties that go with home and vehicle ownership to make sure that everything works as it should. If I can not accomplish this task and have to ask for help I will put it off until it is not possible anymore because his temper is extreme and I am always the one at fault no matter what. This has created so much anxiety in my world that I fear health repercussions. I recently started see a therapist to help me be more assertive rather than side step issues that should be voiced. I feel obligated to follow thru with my therapists suggestions which has created more anxiety on my part. Past history have proven to me that I will be abused most likely in an emotional aspect of degradation and occasionally physical abuse in the form of being confined and screamed in my ears and pushed down. The emotional abuse is very traumatizing to me and it takes many days for me to become emotional stable again all while not letting it be seen. I could go on and on about the abusive tactics that he uses but I believe that if you reading this then you already know and have been there before. It helps me to reach out to others and maybe get some advice. I feel I am at a brink point that I need to end this relationship to keep my sanity but I am deathly afraid that he will destroy what is left of me in the process. Please advise fi you can.
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